Visit to Otero Junior College Learning Commons


On April 18, I was able to visit Otero Junior College’s beautifully renovated Learning Commons in La Hunta, Colorado. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Love how old and new architectural elements were melded. Original wood paneling in the ceiling gives the main room an organic feel
  • Cafe space integrated into the Library (the only Starbucks in town!). The cafe space can be used for events and trainings without disturbing students in other areas of the Learning Commons.
  • Carpet colors were used to create a “pathway” to the main service points, eliminating the need for most signage
  • “Did you read this?” tally marks on magazines to track usage of materials
  • Plenty of technology additions! Carts of computers for checkout by students or faculty. Two video editing rooms, plenty of outlets for laptops near seating areas.
  • Incorporation of local art connects with local history (including the giant dinosaur shoulder blade!)

Huge thanks to Sue Keefer for showing us around her gorgeous space!

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