Lindsay Roberts

Connecting people with information


Lindsay_Roberts.SC1_smallLindsay Roberts is an Assistant Professor at University of Colorado Boulder and subject liaison to the School of Education, Department of Linguistics, and Department of Ethnic Studies. Her research interests focus on motivational design, transfer of learning, and metacognition/metaliteracy, particularly as they relate to adult learners.

Lindsay earned her MLIS from University of Denver and her BA in French and Humanities from CU Boulder. Before joining the University Libraries, she worked as Reference and Outreach Librarian at Arapahoe Community College and was a graduate assistant in Research and Instruction at Auraria Library.

Lindsay worked at the fabulous Boulder Book Store for five years (including the position as chocolate buyer!) and has taught English to French high school students in Vesoul, France, where her students participated in the 1001 Journals Project, and where she was able to indulge in her love of French cheese.

In her spare time, Lindsay loves exploring Colorado on hikes, trail runs, cooking adventurous vegetarian dishes, trying new microbreweries, and reading.

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