Lindsay Roberts

Connecting people with information

LIS Projects

Some recent LIS projects…

  • Capstone Project Abstract: This project explores the strategies for improving the effectiveness of information literacy instruction in the community college setting and investigates the impact of incorporating problem-based activities into a library instruction workshop. An empirical study of 41 community college students was conducted using a research workshop with a pre-test and post-test assessment which aimed to measure students’ perceived confidence, change in skill level, and perceived relevance of the workshop through both qualitative and quantitative questions. Analysis of the results showed that students’ confidence increased significantly. Students also found the workshop to be relevant to their interests. Further research in this area is needed to validate these findings and generalize them to other populations.
  • Penrose App Grantwriting project: Written with a partner, this small grant proposal was designed as an internal grant for the University of Denver to create a dedicated smartphone app for Penrose library.  Penrose App Project Proposal
    The Synesthesia Digital Library was created for the LIS 4804: Digital Objects and Collections course in the spring of 2012. Using Digital Library software, teammates Grant Outerbridge, Katie Yashiro, and Lindsay Roberts created biographical profiles of 14 artists with synesthesia, beautifully illustrated by Jon Stich. The collection includes descriptions of 5 of the more interesting types of synesthesia as well as 40 additional resources for those interested in learning more about this melange of the senses.
  • Comparison of Two Digital Libraries This comparison of two digital libraries, the Black Abolitionist Archive and the Our Homes are Bleeding coEvaluation of Two Digital Librariesllection was written as part of LIS 4804: Digital Objects and Collections. The digital essay compares these two cultural collections using Jakob Neilsen’s 10 Usability Heuristics and evaluates how users might navigate the two collections. The report also notes possible improvements to the collections, including adding historical context, and simplying search processes.
  • Service learning project for the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP). Throughout the spring of 2012, I tutored patrons at the Ford-Warren branch of the Denver Public Library through the Community Learning Plazas program. Patrons came in for help with resumes, cover letters, job searching, and computer skills. I also administered BTOP user surveys at the Byers branch and planned several technology activities for their BTOP kick-off party, set for late June.
  • Student Voices Column about the fall 2011 LISSA resume workshop published in Colorado Libraries Journal, volume 36.2
  • Mythology Libguide Mythology LibguideThis libguide was created for LIS 4060: Reference in the winter of 2012. Since references to mythological figures permeate art, literature, and music, this guide was created to assist college students and librarians in finding quick answers to even obtuse questions. While the Guide includes dozens of Greco-Roman reference resources reference tools that include mythological traditions from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas are included.

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